Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally, some food

This was totally supposed to be published a month ago.

For my kitchen! still not pictured, but mom promises it is really super cute.


Woo! Spring break!

what is this strange "mouse" device???? Mommy and daddy and I only have laptops . .. actually, mommy just got a little optical mouse, too, and she caught me staring at the red light underneath the other day.

For spring break, we went to the Children's Museum in Milwaukee. All the good pictures turned out really blurry. It was a really nice museum and we had a grand time. It was a good time to go somewhere new and see lots of kids. Turing has recently decided that it isn't just good to sit far away and look at kids, but maybe even good to interact a little bit with them. He gets really excited about seeing kids, now. We visited a preschool within walking distance last week and it was the nicest one we've visited so far. Turing and Billy went for a session and Turing seemed to like it (and not just that they had trains and trucks). Turing is going to start preschool in June (just two mornings a week). I think he'll like the kids. [sniff] all grown up!