Monday, June 9, 2008

A big trip

We went on our first big trip as a whole family: we flew to a wedding and then Trouble came home while I took the kids to see my grandparents/aunt/mom for a few days. It was pretty exhausting to travel with two little kids and ended uncerimoniously where I literally had to tuck Turing under my arm like a football and carry him out of the airport as he was throwing a huge tantrum. Awesome!

But he really put off the tantrums until the end. While Trouble was with us, it was actually pretty easy to be away from home. I was surprised at how well the kids slept and dealt with all the changes, but it helps to always have one parent availible. It was harder when Trouble was gone.

All sorts of excitement happened on the trip, too: Huxley can pull up on things, Turing practiced his stair ascents and descents, Huxley can almost crawl on his knees, Turing can almost jump over cracks in the sidewalk.

The trip was full of exciting new things for Turing which he sort of understood and will remember for a while. He liked riding the airplanes despite having to sit in Huxley's carseat, for instance. But let's not do it again soon.


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