Nana visits

Nana came to visit two weeks ago (?) and she played with Turing and did all the cooking and painted the living room (see below) so I could just work on my dissertation.  Much progress was made.  Much fun was had by Turing, who is still talking about going to the zoo with Nana and also how we should share our wafer cookies with her.


Turing has been learning at an amazing rate, recently.  He has nearly nailed colors, snapping together quatros (big legos), counting to 5, and matching the blocks to the holes on his bus.  He pretty much had counting to 5 figured out, but then he wanted to learn more numbers, so he is now confused above 3.  We’ll work it out.


It’s a kiss for Nana!  I really need to get a camera that doesn’t have such a terrible delay on it.

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