At the zoo

The Madison zoo is free.  It is also perfectly sized for a toddler - Turing will walk around most of it and then be tired of walking for the last 20% or so (that’s without going into any of the buildings).  Half way around is a concession stand to get ice cream.  If the weather isn’t too hot for the pregnant lady, it is the perfect way to spend the post-nap, pre-dinner time.


When I ask him if he wanted to go to the zoo today, he thought about it, then nodded and said, “zoo.”  Then he thought some more and said, “car ride.”  When I agreed that we’d have to ride in the car to get to the zoo he said, “car keys.”  What a planner.  Only once we were driving to the zoo did he start taking about the seals, which are his favorite.  He loves the crazy throat clearning sound they make and the way they swim.  He continued to talk about them all day (also, ostriches, peacock, flamingos) and fell alseep talking about the seals.


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